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Learn how to invest in buy-to-let, multilets and flips

We believe everyone can become financially free with the right education and support. The Property Bootcamp helps you develop your property investing skills and achieve financial freedom through property in South Africa.

What you will learn

You will learn the same investing strategies, tactics and skills used by South Africa’s most successful property investors and moguls.

Through our online programmes you will learn how to create an achievable plan to freedom, how to analyse property investment deals, secure Other People’s Money (OPM) and structure your business to be tax efficient and profitable.

Property Investing 101

In this short introductory course, you will learn the basic concepts of financial intelligence and property investing.

Deal Analysis

Once you’ve found a strategy and area, how do you know what is a good deal? In this lesson you’ll learn how to analyse a deal using ROI, ROR and ROE. We also look at how to exit a bad deal effectively.

Legal structures

This is a business and therefore requires entities that protect your wealth. In this lesson you will learn the 4 investment structures (including trusts), tax efficient investing and exiting out of an Offer To Purchases (OTP).

PropTech Systems

Those who take advantage of technology can do more with less and make informed decisions. In this lesson we will take you through a detailed and practical tutorial of My Property App, TPN and Lightstone. 

Investing Strategies

We’ll explain various investment strategies and the types of areas where these strategies work the best.

Finding Deals

Finding good deals and finding willing investors are two key skills that you will need. In this lesson, we unpack the best strategies for finding distressed sellers and high net-worth investors.


In property, you make your money when you buy at a low price. The trick is that not every seller will want to sell low. In this lesson we will teach you the psychology of negotiating and getting a YES.

Raising Finance

By using People’s Money (OPM) anyone, from any background, can become an investor. In this lesson you’ll learn about institutional, private and creative finance options. 

What’s Included (Membership Only)

You’re not alone in your property investing journey. You’ll enjoy support from fellow property investors and professionals at all stages of their journey.

Investor's Facebook Group

Your net-worth is only as good as your network. All Property Bootcamp members have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can post questions, share your deals and partner with fellow investors.

My Property App

Get discounts of up to 70% on the full version of My Property App, which is a web app that helps you analyse buy-to-lets, multilets and flips with confidence. You can also generate investor proposals to help you raise finance and show you are a professional property investor.

Introduction to Power Team

To succeed in property, you need a power team. You need an attorney, accountant, builder… as a Property Bootcamp student, you get access to Laurens’ power team professionals.

Where should we send your copy?

The download link will be sent to your inbox immediately.

Where should we send your copy?

The download link will be sent to your inbox immediately.